The R.E.A.L. Coalition focuses its legislative and policy advocacy in four distinct areas: Transportation Infrastructure, Education & Workforce Development, Water & the Environment, and Economic Competitiveness.


Transportation Infrastructure

As a Coalition, R.E.A.L. has actively supported a number of initiatives and policies that address California's infrastructure needs. There is a proven way forward. Other states and nations have saved taxpayers millions while providing needed infrastructure upgrades by partnering with the private sector. New avenues for infrastructure development are doubly important in these challenging economic times. The aforementioned proposals would catalyze new projects, stimulating jobs and economic activity to help reinvigorate California’s economy. This increased economic activity would also bolster tax revenues, mitigating the need for painful spending cuts or tax increases.

Education & Workforce Development

The REAL Coalition’s purpose is to advocate for and advance public policy solutions that address critical California needs including education. The REAL Coalition’s EDWD Committee focuses their robust cradle to career efforts on ensuring that California remains competitive in a global economy, guaranteeing a strong future for the economic and overall well-being of our communities, youth and its residents.

The three main macro goals the committee continues to refer to and guides our decision-making are:

  1. To advance access to and quality implementation of the committed early learning and education investments in California.
  2. Advocate for the adoption and quality implementation of policies that support all students’ college and career readiness.
  3. Support policies that ensure a post-secondary education remains accessible and affordable to all students to ensure a globally competitive and inclusive workforce.

The EDWD Committee convenes every month to discuss different legislative solutions, and other pertinent issues around education and workforce development.


Water & Environment

The water supply system that supports most of California’s residents, businesses and underpins its ecological health is facing unprecedented challenges. Coordinated near- and long-term actions to address constraints and conflicts are needed if we are to realize the co-equal values of adequate water supply for California, and ecosystem health and revitalization. Given the breadth and statewide impact of the crisis, the interest of the business community is coincident with that of the general public.  The committee focuses on: Water supply reliability and governance, drought resilience, and ensuring there is adequate funding and financing of critical water infrastructure. Our wins include: Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply act of 2010, The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014, and The Parks, Environment, and Water Bond of 2018.


In order to maintain California's economic competitiveness and quality of life, the State must continue to modernize and expand its transportation network of rail, transit, ports and roadways. The R.E.A.L. Coalition's Transportation Committee focuses on advancing programs, polices and funding sources that help to improve the safety and efficiency of the California's transportation systems. This includes not only successfully advocating for new funding sources such as SB-1 (Beall 2017), but also reforms in permitting, project delivery, financial accountability and other efficiencies, that can assist agencies to better deliver results for the public.

Economic Competitiveness